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The Rural Routes, a country-rock duo based in Alberta, Canada have travelled hundreds of  thousands of miles and entertained countless since embarking on their musical journey. Alesha and Brendon  share a passion for music and grace stages together from coast to coast.

The married-music duo have many musical influences which resonate through virtually all of the tracks on their self-titled debut album. From the first lyric straight through to the last refrain on the LP, it is very apparent the two share a distinguished chemistry. The ballad "You & Me" offers an authentic aspect of just how close the two are, and contrasts the lively and energetic side of the duo’s “Real Good Night”. Personal experience has always been important to the writing process for The Rural Routes.

Highlighted performances by The Rural Routes include showcases at Fredericton's Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and private concerts for the Prime Minister and all of Canada's provincial leaders to name a few. The pair currently performs two to five nights a week as a duo and with their band in and around Alberta, Canada at many live music and concert venues.

The Rural Routes offer engaging vocal performance paired with backing harmonies and dynamic guitar work presenting a stripped down evening of entertainment with unique renditions and genuine original compositions. The duo is showing no signs of slowing down with a calendar of events filling up daily which is proving to be solidifying their spot in the western Canadian music scene.


Alesha Bondy

Up Against It - 2011

I wasn't expecting to release "Up" so quickly, but that's what...

Brendon Bondy is an Alberta, Canada born multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer. With more than 20 years of experience, he started performing in local bars  the age of 14. Drumming for a couple of years cultivated a true passion for music of all genres that led Brendon to adding to his musical cache. He began playing bass guitar in bands which steered him to guitar. He received his first guitar as a gift at the age of 15 and within a very short year of practice, education, respect, and appreciation for the instrument, was offered an audition to perform with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. By the age of 17, Brendon was committed to a life which would always include music.

Striving to always put his best foot forward, Brendon has become an established player. Session work on local artists’ albums and EP’s, sitting in on live performances with many artists, and behind the scenes management of other acts has nurtured his ongoing musical drive. So much so, he began fostering a recording engineer/producer role. Brendon has recorded numerous singles and a couple of EP’s to date for many local independent artists. The largest scale project he has completed is his duo The Rural Routes’ self-titled debut album. Brendon not only co-wrote all of the material but, recorded the groups LP and played all of the instruments on the record.

The unquestionable talent of this self-taught musician is best described as “unassuming” to say the least. With such a capacity for music, and the events that have taken this modest artists dreams and ambitions to where they are today, you may never know Brendon holds so many accolades.  

Brendon Bondy


Vocalist, songwriter, guitarist Alesha Bondy has been immersed in music for as long as she can remember. Her entire life singing whenever, and wherever she possibly could, this born and bred rural New Brunswick, Canada native blossomed into an amazing artist, both musically, and visually.

Alesha began singing on stage at the age of eight in front of hundreds who were instantly captivated by the young songstress’ vocal ability and admirable stage presence. An endearing quality which pairs with humility and sincerity felt by all who have the opportunity to witness still to this day. Musically, Alesha writes songs that speak from her soul and offer real, heart-felt sensitivity regardless of the subject matter. Alesha’s first composition “Baby, I’m Movin’ On”, a showcase of her incredible vocal diversity and range is featured on her group The Rural Routes’ debut self-titled album. 

Alesha has appeared on local television as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, as well as been credited for lending her voice on a few local artists’ albums which are often heard on maritime radio.

A genuine raw talent, Alesha has not only dedicated herself to the performing arts but, is also a thriving visual artist. With great passion, and an eye for detail Alesha has enhanced her natural ability to create art in both the fine art and realism variety. From commissioned pieces to specialized sketch work, Route 116 Art Studio- Alesha’s art endeavour has distributed her work in homes all over the world.